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The diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tract are investigated in the branch of medicine called Pulmanology. It is also known as respiratory medicine and chest medicine. It generally deals with internal medicine. In reality chest medicine is not a specialty in itself. In Pulmonology lung diseases as well as tuberculosis are diagnosed and be treated. In countries like UK, Ireland, South Africa etc pulmonologists are often referred to as respiratory physicians. Specialists’ in cardiothoracic surgery usually perform the surgery of the respiratory tract. For patients who require mechanical ventilations, critical care medicine has to be administered by the pulmonologist and hence they are certified to practice the same.  Pulmonologists are generally awarded with fellowships thereby helping them to become board certified in pulmonary and critical care medicine simultaneously. A quite new-fangled field within pulmonary medicine that are dealing with the application of procedures such as bronchoscope for the treatment of quite a few pulmonary diseases is called international pulmonology, which is not a specialty of its own.

Following are the pulmanology pdf ebooks and online tutorials found on web.
  1. Primary Pediatric Pulmonology By Allen J. Dozor
  2. Pediatric pulmonology: the requisites in pediatrics By Howard B. Panitch 
  3. Thoracic endoscopy: advances in interventional pulmonology By Michael J. Simoff, Daniel H. Sterman, Armin Ernst 
  4. Pulmonary/respiratory therapy secrets By Polly E. Parsons, John E. Heffner 
  5. Pulmonary Manifestations of Pediatric Diseases By Nelson L. Turcios, Robert J. Fink 
  6. ESPEN Guidelines on Enteral Nutrition: Cardiology and Pulmonology 
  7. ERS/ATS statement on interventional pulmonology 
  8. Adult Pulmonology 
  9. Pulmonology Disorders 
  10. Pediatric Pulmonology Referral Guidelines

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